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South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council should be  considered a "flagship" local council that is now receiving considerable benefit from the decision to provide local services direct instead of having them transferred to Wakefield.   

 Having an asset base in excess of £2 million and a budget in excess of £800,000 the Town Council is now in the top 100 local councils in England. Alan Draper, Town Clerk.


If you have any comments good or bad please contact Alan Draper on 01977 642159 or townclerk@skmtc.org 

News & Events

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Offices are still available to let at Moorthorpe Station, the ground floor still has some rooms available however all rooms on the first floor are now occupied. 

For more details please see the news & events section.

Refurbished Small Office Units Available at Langthwaite House- see the news & events section for more details

The restored former station building, once known as "The Mallard" is now open for business.


Playing area