The town council considered the views of residents on this matter when it met on 10/10/18. Some residents were in favour of the proposed location at Kirkby Green and some were against. Senior figures from the NUM have also been consulted.

The town council reaffirmed its decision to place the pit wheel at Kirkby Green as part of the renovation/landscaping of that area when the disused toilets/bus shelter is demolished. The town council has already secured funding from Wakefield Council for the renovation specifically at this location so it makes financial sense to include the pit wheel as part of it. Also, the location is the centre of the village.

The pit wheel is the property of the Friends of Frickley Colliery who have kindly agreed to let the town council have one half and they are aware of the intended location (they are placing the other half at the Frickley site).

Most people are probably aware that the pit wheel concerned isn’t from South Kirkby Colliery – it was from Frickley Colliery. The pit wheel from South Kirkby was/is stored at a Wakefield Council depot. Therefore, if the wheel hasn’t been destroyed, the town council intends to retrieve it and place it at Johnsons Corner, so overlooking the old pit site. If, in the worst case scenario the pit wheel cannot be retrieved the town council will place a memorial to the pit at Johnsons Corner instead. If that transpired to be the case the town council would consult the community and involve local schools as to what type of memorial it should be.

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