Finance / Accounts

All councils are expected to publicise payments over £500 under the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency.

Publication of these lists forms part of South Kirkby & Moorthorpe Town Council’s commitment to be open and transparent with its residents. These will include all individual items the town council purchases, payments made to contractors carrying out work on our behalf and other expenditure incurred in carrying out town council business.

They will exclude payments made to staff, commercially sensitive information and any payments which may reveal personal details about an individual. Therefore, in some cases we will need to redact information to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Responsible Financial Officer

  • The Town Council is required by statute to appoint a Responsible Financial Officer.
  • Andrew Firth holds the position of Responsible Financial Officer.

External Auditors

  • The Audit Commission has appointed Littlejohn LLP, 1 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD as the Town Council’s External Auditors.

Internal Auditors

  • The Town Council is required by statute to appoint an Internal Auditor who must be an independent person.
  • Roy Stanley FFA, FIAB, Accountant, Suite 1, The Green, South Kirkby, Pontefract, WF9 3JX, has been appointed Internal Auditor.